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About Us

About Forrest

Setting up a residents group for the suburb of Forrest was first discussed publicly at a meeting of residents held at the Italian Cultural Centre on Tuesday the 30th of August 2016.


At that time a Steering Committee was elected to establish guidelines, propose membership arrangements and draft rules for the formal establishment and the ongoing operation of a Forrest Residents Group (FRG). 

Forrest (Postcode, 2603) is a suburb of CanberraAustralian Capital TerritoryAustralia. Forrest is named after Sir John Forrest, an explorer, legislatorfederalistpremier of Western Australia, and one of the fathers of the Australian Constitution. Streets in Forrest are named after explorers and governors. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Forrest is the second most Socio-Economic advantaged location in Australia after the neighbouring suburb of Barton. Forrest is one of the few suburbs in Canberra built to the original Canberra plans. It contains many circular and geometric patterns in its streets. The original residents of Forrest were mostly senior public servants who were moved from Melbourne. (Wikipedia)

Our Committee

Chair                               Elizabeth Goodbody


Deputy Chair                  Clive Williams

& Press Officer

Minutes Secretary, &      Sue Parr

Coordinator, Repair of 

Historic Street Signs


Secretary &                      Moira Smythe 

Communications Officer

Treasurer                         Tui Davidson

IT Officer                          Neville Smythe


Coordinator, Tree             Margaret Atcherley         


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